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Kind Words From The Aloe Health Community


Thank you for your treatment – it has been life changing for me, which can only help my family too.”


Jo, Adelaide

I want to thank you so very much for getting my health back to where it should be… my energy levels are good, my skin looks better & I generally feel well. Thank you for getting me back on track.. I am very grateful.”


Luise Smith, Adelaide

“Thank you for all your help and support on my journey to get happy and healthy- I really appreciate your valued time. I have definitely come a long way since my first consult with you.


Monika Rust, Adelaide

“…I also have a lot more energy, sleep better and am just generally fabulous! Thank you for putting me on the path to wellness.”


Emma Liggett, Gold Coast

“I wanted to say how grateful I am for your guidance over the past few months. I think you have a beautiful gift of listening and from this can give wise counsel.”

Diane Roling, Adelaide

“I had great results and recommend Kasey to others for weight loss, energy and digestion. Kasey is professional and thoughtful and I am very happy with my improvement. I have so much energy, I now work longer hours.”

Chris Aslanidis, Adelaide, 32 years old

“I am so happy with the way things are now going after receiving my blood test results. My skin has improved dramatically already. After 3 years of suffering and unable to get any answers from doctors and dermatologists it’s so great to finally be getting somewhere. Thank you!”

Kate Walker, Adelaide

“For about a year now I have been severely struggling with health issues e.g. sickness (a lot), weight and fatigue. I consulted Kasey & had a saliva hormone test, which test changed my world! Since following Kasey’s dietary recommendations and taking specific nutritional and herbal supplements aimed at cleansing & boosting my liver function (particularly for oestrogen digestion) on top of improving my eating regime, and also increasing activities that boost my health including self-hypnosis and various forms of exercise daily, I have noticed drastic changes in my health, in particular stabilized energy levels and moods, and changes in my body shape and weight (see picture). Thank you Kasey – I definitely could not have done this without you, and cannot thank you enough!! Xx“

Chantelle Smith, 29 year old, Port Lincoln

“Thanks also for your guidance in improving my health and well-being.  You are very open and sincere in your approach.”

Katie, 30 year old, Adelaide

“I have been feeling a LOT better physically and although I’m under a fair bit of stress with finishing up uni, I think my supplements and dietary support has really been helping with stress. I have felt a LOT more relaxed than usual!”

Ali Beattie, Adelaide

“I’m feeling really positive about everything, as hard as it is to hear that my diet needs to change. I have suffered a long time with my symptoms, and I am so glad to finally have some answers. Thanks so much for all of your help.”

Terri, 22 year old, Adelaide

Ive had my best winter for a number of year- not sick once and managing to stay on top of things even with all the hours I’m working! I really notice a difference when I eat well.”

Debra, Adealide

“I am enjoying your website and recipes. I am trying them out to keep my daughter enthused. I am so glad she has come to you, to help her change her eating habits. I have tried a few of these ideas in the past, but coming from a professional always has more sway. I have noted, she appears happier and is really focussed on changing her diet and losing the weight she has gained over the last few years. Hope she can keep up the good work.
Thanks Kasey!”

Sandy, Adelaide

“I am relieved to have possibly found a reason for what I was beginning to think was a level of laziness/weakness.

Thank you for being sympathetic & taking my complaints seriously. I look forward to having all my test info/results accumulated so I can tackle these symptoms & hopefully, finally start to feel better. You rock!”

Sophie, 25 year old, Adelaide

“Thank you Kasey. I feel so much better health wise and also mentally able to cope better without the cloudy feeling. Again I am so lucky that you were there to help me.”

Janetta, Adelaide

“I originally started seeing Kasey due to symptoms of constant fatigue and digestion issues. After an in depth consultation she encouraged me to get tested for Coeliac Disease. The results came back positive and finally I had the missing piece of the puzzle.

My diet needed a complete overhaul and Kasey gave me the steps to start this transition. She was realistic in the time I needed to make these changes and I never felt overwhelmed, I took each step at my own pace.

Her new eBook ‘Balanced, The Natural Way To Healthy Hormones’ is a perfect place to start for someone wanting to regain their health. She doesn’t just cover the basics (foods to avoid, foods to include) she takes it a step further including food combining, fermenting your vegetables and preparing your food for optimal digestion.
I’m recommending her books and services to all my friends and family who are seeking to improve their health and well-being.”

Gen, Adelaide

“I would describe Kasey as being passionate about health and empathetic about working with what I could manage. She was very knowledgeable about test results and turning them into a treatment program that is working for me for the first time ever. J

I can’t recommend Kasey highly enough. My expectations were very much met.
I’ve finally found a treatment plan that has built up my health from the foundations upwards. Instead of being given more long-term (poisonous) medication, I now have a plan that is working for me.
Before I met Kasey I felt like I was trying an ugly patchwork quilt approach to trying to regain health – a little bit of this and a little bit of that with no cohesion and no knowledge of whether what I was trying was moving in the right direction. Now I feel as if my treatment plan has put me on the right path, heading forwards…

I have not had so much as a cold since using Kasey’s treatment plan, which is unbelievable to me, because I’m known for my hacking cough every winter for the past five years. With Kasey’s help, I’ve lost nearly 10 kilos and feel healthier than I have in years. My aches and pains have diminished and I am in a better frame of mind too.

When I first started seeing Kasey I desperately wanted some sort of immersion course so that I could take in the new way of clean eating in a more concentrated way. Using the RFM weight management-eating plan has now given me this immersion experience.”

Leanne Crisp, 45 years

“Kasey is the first naturopath that I found who put aside the time to listen and put the pieces together. She is the only naturopath who looked closely at my diet and lifestyle and in turn I got results.

Kasey always made contacting easy especially while I lived rurally. She always got back to my phone calls and took the time to respond to my email enquiries. The bookings, information and health questionnaire for consultations were easy as well as payment and follow up ordering.

I have never learnt more about what is going on inside my body. From my consults I felt I got answers to questions I have been asking for a long time. The treatment plan was great, it was a combination of dietary guidelines and supplementation, but I didn’t feel as though I was living on supplements and spending thousands of dollars on them like I have before! Kasey treated me holistically and didn’t just focus on one thing. Everything from juicing, the castor oil packs, epsom salt baths, supplements and dietary guidelines all worked together!

The problems I went to Kasey with were: Acne, irregular periods, digestive problems and infertility. I desperately wanted clear skin and a baby in my belly! Over a period of 3-4 months Kasey gave me the information and treatment plan I needed to make that happen. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for 2 years and by the end of September I found out I was pregnant J I have never cried so hard! And I know there are plenty of women who have had it allot tougher than I did with infertility. My skin also never looked better and although I have broken out a little in the first trimester I realise it is because I wasn’t strictly following Kasey diet recommendations like I had been before even though I was taking the supplements, so there is proof there that what I was doing worked! Kasey is the first naturopath that I have succeeded with and I have seen at least 4 naturopaths since the age of 15. I am glad I found someone who I can continue to work with. I still am working with Kasey on my digestive system but I look forward to ticking that box off too.
To Kasey, Thank you for helping me work towards my health goals. Even though I have only been seeing you for 3 or 4 months, I look forward to our next consult! Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and emailing me in between. Every time I told my parents I was seeing a new naturopath they didn’t believe I could get help. They have watched me spend allot of money and kept telling me to just go see a doctor and let science help but I stuck to it and for the first time they watched me bloom. They could not believe that I fell pregnant without any intervention. Good work”

Stephanie Williams, 24yrs, Coober Pedy

“Kasey is amazing at her job. I have been having trouble with IBS for approximately 10 years and after one visit to Kasey, things have turned completely around for me. And I am most grateful.

My health is on the improve and I have received comments from friends about the way I look healthier. Well and truly on my way to a better me.
I wasn’t sure at first what to expect out of my Naturopath visit to Kasey as I had never seen a Naturopath before. I am pleased I made my initial appointment. She also operates in a highly professional manner.

I have adapted to my new dietary requirement via introducing everything slowly…and I have found that very beneficial and much easier to maintain as my body goes through the changes.

I am looking forward to the new weight loss program in February.”

38 yr old female, Adelaide

“Kasey is very caring and compassionate. Very easy to open your heart out to!
She is always on time as I am never needing to wait too long for my appointment. I found her patient login section of the website to be very informative, a lot of tips about diet and wellbeing.

Kasey improved my health beyond my expectations. My eating plan was very easy to follow. She explained her plan thoroughly, so you weren’t unsure or left in the dark about anything.

My energy and moods lifted. I lost weight, gained a lot of confidence. I suffer from Endometriosis, with her help and guidance my pain, moods swings and discomfort went away. I would happily recommend Kasey to any of my friends and family (which I have), I found her a pleasure to see.”

Lydia 34yrs, Adelaide

“Before I started seeing Kasey I saw many different doctors and specialists, I’ve had countless blood tests and an endoscopy and yet no one could provide an explanation with what was wrong with me. I endured 13 months of what was labeled as a “mystery illness”; I suffered severe fatigue, my stomach was so bloated I was asked if I was pregnant, unexplained weight gain and fluid retention and was also affected mentally. I could not concentrate and constantly had “brain fog”, I was starting to accept that I would feel the way I did for the rest of my life.

The first time I saw Kasey, she took the time to gather all of my background information to piece together a story of my health, Kasey didn’t just look at the symptoms. Kasey ran some tests and was able to conclusively diagnose why my body was so unhappy. Rather than only treat the physical symptoms, Kasey has taken a “whole approach” to her treatment as has also provided exercises to overcome the mental symptoms. Prior to seeing Kasey I was not getting answers about what was wrong with me. Now I have energy again and I am getting my life back on track.
I have now been a patient of Kasey’s for 10 months and have not felt this good in years, both physically and mentally. I am on the way to recovery but as Kasey has explained it is not an overnight fix. I am in control of my body again and able to see the light at the end of the tunnel due to the clear and understandable treatment plan that Kasey has mapped out. Thank you Kasey!”

Anna Rinaldi, Adelaide

“Kasey is a picture of optimum health, has a kind, compassionate nature and is dedicated to the promotion of good health. I have been seeing Kasey for the past 6 months and in that time I have noticed a vast improvement in my health and wellbeing.”

Janet Howard, Northhaven, SA.

“The food elimination progress is going really well. I have never felt this healthy before, my sinuses are much better and clear apart from the odd hayfever day. I have also continued to lose a few more kilos!”

Rachael Stevens, Mitcham, SA.

“I have suffered with sinusitis for most of my adult life….I am now 53 years old. Chronic pain of sinuses, locked jaw, ear pain and debilitating headaches, bed rest and extremely strong antibiotics was the only relief.

After receiving naturopathic treatment I have in just recent weeks felt healthier, fitter and more energized than ever before.

Last week I had a serious head cold and for the first time in my life I did not suffer from any sinusitis pain.

I am continuing treatment for natural health care, extremely happy with results.”

Di Georgonicas, Prospect, SA.

“Due to a severe case of endometriosis which I battled with for many years, in 2007 I was told by my doctor that the only cure would be a full hysterectomy. This included the removal of both of my ovaries. This was devastating news, as I knew that removing both my ovaries would cause me to go into immediate menopause. It was not welcome news at age 43.
After the hysterectomy I was recommended HRT medication but this did not seem to relieve my symptoms. The hot flushes were severe, I was unable to sleep at night due to the night sweats, overall I felt unhappy and unwell. So I decided to seek a more natural approach to this problem.

My niece recommended I should visit naturopath Kasey Willson. This was my turning point and my journey to wellness. Kasey introduced me to natural HRT products which also helped build my bone density as going into early menopause also meant Osteoperosis.

My health has improved immensely since I have been seeing Kasey and using her products. I would recommend and encourage women who have experienced a similar situation, to seek more natural remedies as they worked for me.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Kasey for all your help, it has been greatly appreciated.”

46 yr old Female, Adelaide

“When I first visited Kasey I was a very stressed out, sleep deprived mum of two under two. I was not taking care of myself. I felt very sad and anxious and suffered from postnatal depression after the birth of both my daughters. I refused to go down the path of a doctor’s quick fix of antidepressants but instead decided to see a naturopath for some answers.
Seeing Kasey has been the best decision I have ever made. She has completely changed my life around in the space of a few months and I feel amazing!!

I am happy- I haven’t said that in years, I am no longer anxious or stressed! I am now sleeping better than ever. I wake in the morning feeling energised and no longer need 3 cups of coffee to start my day.
My family have noticed a huge difference and all of us have been enjoying the delicious recipes from Kasey’s website. I cannot thank Kasey enough for guiding me on this path to health and happiness J”

Shelley, 30 years, Adelaide

“I have really enjoyed coming to see you and seeking your advice on my health and body, and I feel like my ultimate goal of improving my immune system is something we really got right together – so thank you so much for that.”

Sarah Murdoch, Adelaide

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