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With Aloe Health,
You can…


Have long lasting energy


Feel relaxed and content


Gain regular, pain free menstruation


Be relieved of hot flushes & night sweats


Have radiant, clear skin


Alleviate fluid retention, bloating, and uncomfortable digestion


Be comfortable with your weight

What is a Naturopath?

Naturopathic medicine or naturopathy is a practice of holistic, preventative medicine by treating underlying causes of illness and disease. Conventional health sciences are integrated with natural, traditional medicine to treat your mental, emotional, and physical health issues.

Naturopathy follows the philosophy of the “healing power of nature”. The body has its own healing energy and through using naturopathic therapies to create a healthy and supportive environment, the body has the ability to repair and recover from illness to heal itself.

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Why see a Naturopath?

Aloe Health Naturopaths Kasey, Isabel & Michelle specialise in, but are not limited to seeing patients in the field of women’s health.

Examples include:


  • Hormonal imbalance symptoms (PMT, heavy, irregular, or painful menstruation, acne, mood swings, menopausal symptoms, headaches, and migraines)


  • Weight gain/loss, fluid retention


  • Stress, depression, insomnia, and anxiety


  • Fatigue and loss of energy


  • Digestive disturbances (constipation, diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, and colic)


  • Low immunity (acute conditions such as urinary tract infections, to chronic conditions such as chronic fatigue)


  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol


  • Painful joints and muscles (arthritis, fibromyalgia)


  • Autoimmune diseases (hashimotos thyroiditis)

What age groups can be treated?

Although Aloe Health Naturopaths Kasey, Isabel and Michelle specialise in women’s health issues, they will consult babies, children, teenagers, pregnant and breastfeeding women and adults and the elderly.

It is never too early or too late to see a naturopath and reach your health goals.


Kind words from Aloe Health patients

“I had great results and recommend Kasey to others for weight loss, energy and digestion. Kasey is professional and thoughtful and I am very happy with my improvement. I have so much energy, I now work longer hours.”

Chris Aslanidis

Adelaide, 32 years old

“The food elimination progress is going really well. I have never felt this healthy before, my sinuses are much better and clear apart from the odd hayfever day. I have also continued to lose a few more kilos!”



“I have been feeling a LOT better physically and although I’m under a fair bit of stress with finishing up uni, I think my supplements and dietary support has really been helping with stress. I have felt a LOT more relaxed than usual!”

Allie Beatie


“I’m feeling really positive about everything, as hard as it is to hear that my diet needs to change. I have suffered a long time with my symptoms, and I am so glad to finally have some answers. Thanks so much for all of your help.”


Adelaide, 22 years old

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